TPS For Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

TPS for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone information. Learn more before you apply.

Can I be deported for shoplifting?

Shoplifting has serious immigration consequences. Learn more here before you enter into a plea agreement or go to trial.

Can I be deported for DUI / DWI?

Can I be deported for DUI / DWI? The answer isn’t simple and there are several immigration consequences of a DUI conviction. Learn more here.

Can I get a green card based on asylum if I am divorced?

If you obtained your asylum status based on your spouse’s asylum application, but are now divorced, you may need to take extra steps to get a green card.

Can you still apply for asylum after the one year deadline?

Did you know about the asylum one year deadline? Make sure you understand this issue before filing your asylum application.

What is an immigration aggravated felony?

Immigration aggravated felonies are criminal convictions that can destroy all your immigration options. Even misdemeanors can be considered to be an aggravated felony under immigration law.

Can I appeal if the immigration judge denies my asylum application?

Appealing a denied asylum application is a complex process and not every denied application can by appealed.

What is the “voluntary departure” form of relief from deportation?

Voluntary Departure Overview If you are in immigration court proceedings, you should discuss with your immigration attorney whether voluntary departure is a good option for you. Voluntary departure is sometimes referred to as voluntary deportation. If you are granted voluntary departure, you will be allowed to leave the United States on your own, instead of […]

Can I change the location of my immigration court hearing?

Immigration Court Hearing Location Have you received a Notice to Appear that schedules you to attend a hearing at an immigration court location that is far from your home? In some circumstances, it may be possible to change to a court that will be closer to your home and less difficult for you to attend. […]

Do I need an immigration lawyer for my deportation case?

A deportation lawyer or immigration lawyer can increase your chances of successfully defending against deportation. By definition deportation cases are complex and involve very high stakes. Before you try to handle your deportation case without the assistance of an immigration lawyer, you need to make sure that you understand the complexity of immigration court cases […]