Can I get a green card based on asylum if I am divorced?

If you obtained your asylum status based on your spouse’s asylum application, but are now divorced, you may need to take extra steps to get a green card.

Can you still apply for asylum after the one year deadline?

Did you know about the asylum one year deadline? Make sure you understand this issue before filing your asylum application.

Can I appeal if the immigration judge denies my asylum application?

Appealing a denied asylum application is a complex process and not every denied application can by appealed.

How long does it take to get a green card through asylum?

Information on getting a green card after you have been granted asylum, including how long it will take to get your green card after getting asylum

Asylum Granted Based on Fear of Future Persecution

Overview of an approved asylum case based on a fear of future persecution.

Asylum Granted Based on FGM and Domestic Violence

Overview of a case that involved an asylum approval based on FGM and domestic violence.

What happens if my asylum application is denied?

Information on what happens if your asylum application is denied.

Do I need to hire an immigration lawyer for my asylum case?

Information on whether you need to hire an immigration lawyer for your asylum case.