What is an immigration aggravated felony?

Immigration aggravated felonies are criminal convictions that can destroy all your immigration options. Even misdemeanors can be considered to be an aggravated felony under immigration law.

What is the “voluntary departure” form of relief from deportation?

Voluntary Departure Overview If you are in immigration court proceedings, you should discuss with your immigration attorney whether voluntary departure is a good option for you. Voluntary departure is sometimes referred to as voluntary deportation. If you are granted voluntary departure, you will be allowed to leave the United States on your own, instead of […]

Can I change the location of my immigration court hearing?

Immigration Court Hearing Location Have you received a Notice to Appear that schedules you to attend a hearing at an immigration court location that is far from your home? In some circumstances, it may be possible to change to a court that will be closer to your home and less difficult for you to attend. […]

What should I do if I receive a Notice to Appear or NTA for immigration court?

Notice to Appear or NTA information for immigration court, including information on hiring an immigration lawyer to represent you.

Can a permanent resident with a criminal conviction travel outside the United States?

Can a permanent resident with a criminal conviction travel outside of the United States? Learn more here.

What is cancellation of removal?

What is cancellation of removal? Can cancellation of removal keep me from being deported? Learn more here.

How do I check the status of my immigration court case?

Learn how you can check the status of your immigration court case.