What are the 10 key rules you need to know to write a winning extreme hardship letter?

Before you begin your hardship letter, you need to read this special report to learn what it takes to win your waiver case...

The Hardship Letter Special Report Includes What You Need To Know Before Beginning Your Hardship Letter

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Do you know what needs to be in your hardship letter and waiver package in order to win your case? The Hardship Letter Special Report includes:

  • 1

    Description of whose hardship you need to discuss in your waiver package

    Not all hardships count for immigration waivers. Make sure that you understand what hardships your letter should discuss.

  • 2

    Discussion of why you need to document your hardship factors and why it is possible to overdocument your case

    Even the best hardship letter won't win your case if you don't document your hardship factors correctly.

  • 3

    Why you need to discuss the reason you need a waiver in your hardship letter

    You need to include more than just hardship factors in your hardship letter if you want to win your case.

  • 4

    Bonus section on whether you need an immigration lawyer for your waiver case

    Not everyone needs an immigration lawyer to help with an immigration waiver application. Learn whether a lawyer can help you and how to find the best lawyer for your case.