How do I check the status of my immigration court case?

You can check the status of your immigration court case by calling 1-800-898-7180. When you call this number, you will be asked to enter your A number. Your A number is the eight or nine digit number following the letter “A” that should be on all written communications you receive from USCIS. If your A number is eight digits, enter a “0” and then the eight numbers when prompted. If your A number is nine digits, enter them when prompted. You will then be asked to confirm the number you entered. The automated phone system will then spell out your name and ask that you confirm that it is your name.

After getting through the initial confirmation described above, you will then be asked to select a choice from a menu:

  1. Enter 1 for information on your next hearing date. You will be given information on the date and time of your next hearing. In addition, you will be told the type of hearing for which you are scheduled as well as the judge who will hear your case. You will also be given the address for the immigration court where your hearing is scheduled.
  2. Enter 2 for case processing information. This will give you information related to whether there is a clock on your case.
  3. Enter 3 for decision information related to your case. You will be informed that your case is pending if there has not been a decision in your case.
  4. Enter 4 for case appeal information related to your case. If you do not have an appeal pending, you will be told that there is no information on an appeal.
  5. Enter 5 for filing information. This option will give you a phone number and address to contact if you have questions on filing additional documents or if you have additional questions.
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  1. how can one obtain reentry after being deported despite being of significant public benefit and was promised an s 6 visa and a reward for his assistance to federal LEA?

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