How much do USCIS immigration forms cost?

USCIS immigration forms are available for free. You should never pay someone for a copy of a USCIS immigration form.

You can obtain USCIS immigration forms for free from several sources:

(1) USCIS website
(2) USCIS field office locations
(3) By mail (if you are in the United States)
(4) By visiting the US embassy (if you are outside the United States)
(5) By phone by calling the request line at 1-800-870-3676
(6) From some immigration lawyer websites

What fees should you pay when filing a USCIS immigration form?

USCIS filing fees

Most USCIS forms require a filing fee. You can verify the correct filing fee by visiting the USCIS website or by checking with your immigration lawyer. These fees will typically be paid to the “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”.

Use extreme caution when paying fees to a website that is not an official government website. You can tell if a website is an official government site because the website address will use “.gov”. Private businesses will use other addresses such as “.com”, “.net” or “.info”. According to the official USCIS blog:

Some private websites that charge to prepare immigration forms mimic the look and feel of official government sites, leading users to mistakenly believe they are dealing directly with the government and paying USCIS fees. Many copycat sites add to the confusion by charging applicants the same amount for preparing an immigration form that USCIS charges for filing that same form.

As a result, some applicants have sent forms to USCIS without submitting the filing fees. These applicants mistakenly believed they had paid the USCIS filing fee when they paid the private firm for preparing the forms.

Lawyer fees for immigration forms

You may want to hire an immigration lawyer to provide you with legal advice and to assist you with the immigration process. Your immigration lawyer will likely charge you an attorney fee for helping you with your case. These fees are for the professional services provided by the lawyer. Paying these fees so that you have an immigration lawyer to assist you with the immigration process may be a wise investment because a lawyer may be able to help you to identify the best immigration options for you and to prepare the best application possible. This will decrease the chance that your application is denied and will help keep the process moving as quickly as possible.

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