I601A Instructions Download

I601A Instructions Download

You can view and download the I601A form here.

I601A Instructions Download

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Note: Some web browsers may have difficulty viewing the instructions in the viewer. If you do not see the instructions, you can download the I-601A instructions by clicking the download link. You should then save the instructions to your computer and you should be able to view the downloaded and saved instructions on your computer without any formatting problems.

I601A Waiver Tips

  • Read all of the instructions before you begin completing your application.
  • Don’t forget that the actual I601A form is just one piece of your I601A waiver application package. The supporting evidence that you include in your package is the most important piece of your application.
  • Make sure that you understand all of the qualifications for an I601A waiver before you begin the application process. Don’t apply if you don’t qualify. Your application cannot be approved if you meet “almost all of the requirements.”
  • Don’t forget to include the proper filing fee with your application.
  • Keep a copy of everything that you submit to the government.
  • When you receive your receipt notice in the mail, keep it in a safe place. The receipt number can be used to track the status of your case online.
  • Don’t depart the United States until your waiver has been approved and your interview has been scheduled.
  • If your immigration court case was administratively closed, make sure that the case is terminated or dismissed before you depart the United States.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Help Me Complete the I601A Form?

There is no requirement to hire a lawyer to help you apply for a waiver. The I601A form itself likely will not be very difficult to complete and you may not need a lawyer just to fill in the form. But keep in mind that the most important part of your package is the evidence of extreme hardship that you include. Many people will find the assistance of an immigration lawyer to be very helpful in identifying their strongest hardship factors, identifying the best evidence to support their hardship factors, preparing your hardship letters and preparing a legal letter to include with your package.

I strongly encourage you to learn as much as you can about the I601A provisional waiver process before you talk to a lawyer. To learn more about the waiver process, feel free to check out the informational articles and waiver videos on this website, get your free copy of the Immigration Waiver Guide or sign up for an immigration waiver webinar.

You also can download your I601A instructions at the USCIS I601A instructions download page.

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