Do you have questions about how to get a green card through the adjustment of status process?

Adjustment of status is a process for being able to get your green card while in the United States. Compared to an immigrant visa, which would require you to return to your home country for a visa interview, this process is viewed by some people as being faster and less expensive. In some circumstances, however, it may be better to apply for an immigrant visa instead. This means that you should consider both options to make sure that you take the path that is best for your situation. If you aren’t sure how each would apply to your situation, you may want to check with an Idaho immigration lawyer so that you can make sure that you are following the path that is best for you.

How to begin the adjustment of status process

The best starting point is to learn more about the process and to make sure you understand all of the requirements for adjustment of status. If you apply and you don’t qualify, you’ll lose your application fee (which is over $1,000 for just one person). But that’s not all. Depending on your situation, if you apply and aren’t qualified, you could find yourself in deportation proceedings.

Is an Idaho immigration lawyer needed to apply for adjustment of status?

If you decide to apply without the help of an immigration lawyer, you should take the time to really learn the details of adjustment of status. This will take time. Because of the complexity of immigration law, spending an hour or two on the internet simply isn’t enough. And if you think that the process is simple and only involves filling out a couple of forms, you need to learn more about the process before you do anything else. The key to a successful adjustment of status application is understanding all of the grounds of inadmissibility, knowing what evidence is needed to win your case, and presenting the evidence in a way that the immigration officer can easily see that you qualify. Yes, you will end up completing the required forms as part of the process, but the real key is to understand the legal analysis that goes into preparing your case.

Many people find that the process goes more smoothly and with less stress if they hire an immigration lawyer who understands the details of the process. An Idaho immigration lawyer can help you determine which immigration option is best for you and can assist you in identifying and collecting the evidence needed to present the strongest case possible. In addition, an Idaho immigration lawyer should be familiar with how green card interviews are currently being conducted at the Boise USCIS office.