Do I need an Idaho immigration lawyer for my adjustment of status green card case?

Is an Idaho immigration lawyer required for your adjustment of status green card case?

There is no requirement to use the services of an immigration lawyer in order to file for adjustment of status to get a green card. None.

So why do people hire immigration lawyers anyway? The reason is simple — many people find the services of an immigration lawyer to be extremely valuable to successfully navigating the adjustment of status process.

An experienced immigration lawyer can:

Save you time by:

  • Providing you with legal advice that will help minimize the time it takes for you to get a green card
  • Submitting your application correctly and with all of the evidence necessary to help your application get approved quickly

Save you frustration by:

  • Helping to keep your case on track to avoid unnecessary delays
  • Communicating with USCIS on your behalf
  • Representing you if the government requests additional information about your case
  • Representing you if you need to file an appeal in the event your application is denied
  • Providing legal advice and assistance if you need to apply for an immigration waiver

Save you money by:

  • Making sure that you qualify before you submit your application so that you don’t lose your application fees
  • Minimizing the chance that you’ll need to file an appeal
  • Minimizing the chance that your application will be denied, requiring you to file again and pay new application fees

If you decide to not to hire an immigration lawyer…

The first thing that you should do if you decide to handle your adjustment of status green card case on your own, is to take the time to research the entire process before you begin. This will take time. I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll need to do more than a quick internet search if you want to really learn about the entire process. You simply cannot afford to take shortcuts with this process. Keep in mind, your green card is on the line and you simply cannot afford any mistakes.

Also keep in mind that the process involves far more than simply completing an adjustment of status application or an immigration petition. Not only do you need to understand what forms to include in your package and how to complete those forms, you also need to understand what evidence should be included to give you the best chance of receiving a quick approval. Make sure that you learn as much as possible about both the required supporting evidence, as well as the evidence that you should also include.

In addition, don’t simply assume that you can try your application on your own and then hire a lawyer for the appeal if your case is denied. Most immigration lawyers will want to review what has already been submitted before they agree to take your case. After all, the application you submitted on your own is a part of your record and the lawyer will need to find a way to win your case by building on your previous application or correcting it. Depending on what mistakes you’ve already made, it may not be possible for an immigration lawyer to win your case. This leads back to the previous paragraph…if you apply on your own, make sure that you learn about the entire process before you begin because any mistakes may keep you from getting your green card.

 If you decide to hire a green card lawyer…

Don’t be in a rush to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible. Instead, take the time to find the right green card lawyer for you. Does the lawyer describe issues in a way that you can understand? Is the lawyer willing to share with you general information to help you decide whether the lawyer is the best one for you?

Also avoid hiring a lawyer based on the lawyer’s fee alone. Basically, you shouldn’t just shop around for the least expensive lawyer that you can find. Your green card is on the line. Find the best immigration lawyer for you, and then make the decision on whether you can afford the lawyer’s fee. If the best lawyer for you also happens to have the most affordable fee, that’s great. Just make sure that you are focusing on finding the best lawyer and not the lowest fee.

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