Do I need an immigration lawyer for my deportation case?

Deportation Lawyer in VirginiaA deportation lawyer or immigration lawyer can increase your chances of successfully defending against deportation. By definition deportation cases are complex and involve very high stakes. Before you try to handle your deportation case without the assistance of an immigration lawyer, you need to make sure that you understand the complexity of immigration court cases and what is involved in order to be successful in immigration court.

What will a deportation lawyer or immigration lawyer do for you?

Your immigration lawyer will assist you by:

  • Identifying all forms of relief from removal or deportation for which you qualify
  • Preparing your application for relief
  • Identifying and collecting evidence to support your application for relief
  • Coordinating witness testimony if needed
  • Presenting your case to the immigration judge
  • Drafting court motions and briefs, including a Motion to Change Venue to move your case to a more convenient immigration court if you are currently scheduled for a hearing at a court far from your home
  • Conducting direct and cross-examination during your immigration court hearing
  • Preparing you for your immigration hearing
  • Helping you decide if voluntary departure is the best option for you

You are not required to have an immigration lawyer represent you in court, and the government will not provide you with an immigration lawyer. But, because an immigration lawyer can improve your chances of successfully defending yourself from deportation, you should strongly consider hiring an immigration lawyer to represent you.

If you live in Idaho, your local immigration court is the court in Boise, Idaho. If you have an immigration court hearing in Boise, Idaho, or you would like to have your case moved to Boise, you should speak with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Keep in mind that your immigration lawyer will need to review your complete immigration history, copies of all immigration paperwork from past immigration forms, copies of any paperwork related to criminal convictions, and copies of any immigration court paperwork. You should try to have these documents with you when you first speak with your immigration lawyer.

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