Immigration Mistakes Have Serious Consequences

Did you know that even small mistakes with your immigration case can have serious consequences?

The Immigration Mistakes Book Includes What You Need To Know Before Submitting Any Forms To The Government

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The best way to avoid making mistakes with your immigration application is to learn as much as you can before you begin the process. Immigration Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make includes:

  • 1

    Description of the common mistakes people make with their immigration cases.

    The easiest way to avoid making immigration mistakes is to understand what mistakes are the most common.

  • 2

    Description of the possible consequences of even simple immigration mistakes

    Did you know that immigration mistakes can lead to deportation, loss of expensive filing fees, denial of visas and limits on being able to travel to the United States?

  • 3

    Information to help you better understand whether you should hire an immigration lawyer to help with your case

    Not everyone will need the help of a lawyer for their case. Learn more about whether a lawyer would be helpful to your case.

  • 4

    Tips for finding the best immigration lawyer for your case

    If you do plan to work with a lawyer, you need to know how to find the best lawyer for your case.