I601A Waiver: How much do lawyers charge for an I601A waiver?

How much do lawyers charge for I-601A waivers? How much should you pay for an I601A waiver? Find out more here.

I601A Instructions Download

View and download the I601A instructions, including tips on completing your I601A waiver application.

I601A Form Download

I-601A form download information, including a checklist of biographic information you’ll need to collect in order to complete the form. Also includes additional helpful information you’ll need to know before completing the form.

I-601A Provisional Waiver Timeline: When can I submit my I-601A provisional waiver application?

Excited about the new I601A provisional waiver process? Learn more about the timeline for the new I601A process and what you can do to begin preparing your waiver application now.

I-601A Provisional Waivers: How long does it take for an I-601A waiver to get approved?

It can be difficult to plan for the next steps in the immigration process after your I601A waiver has been approved if you don’t know how long the approval process will take. Learn more about the expected amount of time for decisions on I601A applications.