How long does it take to get a misrepresentation waiver?

One of the most common questions about the misrepresentation waiver process is: “How long will it take?” Learn more about the timeline for a misrepresentation waiver case and what you can do to get the fastest possible decision.

Do I need an immigration lawyer for my misrepresentation waiver?

Did you know that not everyone will need a lawyer for their misrepresentation waiver case? Before deciding what to do, learn more about how an immigration lawyer can help you prepare your waiver package.

How much does it cost to get a misrepresentation waiver?

Trying to figure out how much the misrepresentation waiver process costs? Learn more about the required government filing fees, costs of preparing your waiver package and misrepresentation waiver lawyer fees.

How do I get a misrepresentation waiver?

The misrepresentation waiver application process involves six main steps. Each step is important to winning your case. Learn more about these six steps and what it takes to win your waiver case.