I-601 Hardship Waivers: Do I need a lawyer for my I-601 hardship waiver?

Trying to decide if you need to hire an immigration lawyer for your I-601 hardship waiver application? Not sure what a lawyer could do to help you with your case? Learn more to help you decide if you should hire a lawyer.

I601A Waiver: When can I download the I601A application form?

Ever since the final regulations for the I601A provisional waiver were announced, one of the most frequently asked questions about the I601A waiver has been “When can I get a copy of the I601A form?” Find out the answer here.

How do I get a misrepresentation waiver?

The misrepresentation waiver application process involves six main steps. Each step is important to winning your case. Learn more about these six steps and what it takes to win your waiver case.

I601 vs I601A Unlawful Presence Waiver Comparison Infographic

Brief infographic overview of the differences between the I601 unlawful presence waiver and the I601A unlawful presence waiver, including information on the 3-year bar, the 10-year bar and the permanent bar.

I601A Unlawful Presence Waiver – Overview Infographic

The I601A unlawful presence waiver overview infographic provides a quick introduction to the new I-601A provisional waiver for unlawful presence. The infographic is a good starting point, but you should make sure that you carefully review all of the requirements for this type of waiver before you apply.

I601A Waiver and DUI Conviction

Can you apply for an I601A waiver if you have a DUI conviction? What are the risks of applying for a waiver if you have a DUI conviction?

I601A Instructions Download

View and download the I601A instructions, including tips on completing your I601A waiver application.

I601A Form – Draft Version

Review the draft I601A form here, including a checklist of information that you’ll likely need to collect in order to complete your I601A form. Includes a link to download a copy of the draft I601A form.

I601A Form Download

I-601A form download information, including a checklist of biographic information you’ll need to collect in order to complete the form. Also includes additional helpful information you’ll need to know before completing the form.

I-601A Provisional Waiver Timeline: When can I submit my I-601A provisional waiver application?

Excited about the new I601A provisional waiver process? Learn more about the timeline for the new I601A process and what you can do to begin preparing your waiver application now.