Unlawful Presence Waivers: How long does it take to get an unlawful presence waiver?

Are you waiting for the approval of your unlawful presence waiver so that your family can be reunited? Learn more about how long it takes to get a decision on an unlawful presence waiver application.

Unlawful Presence Waiver Granted After Returning to Home Country To Get Married

Unlawful presence waiver granted after couple travels overseas for wedding ceremony and triggers the 10-year bar.

I601 vs I601A Unlawful Presence Waiver Comparison Infographic

Brief infographic overview of the differences between the I601 unlawful presence waiver and the I601A unlawful presence waiver, including information on the 3-year bar, the 10-year bar and the permanent bar.

What is an unlawful presence waiver? Do I need one?

Learn more about unlawful presence waivers and whether you need one.