What happens after my fiance enters the United States using a fiance visa?

What happens after my fiance enters the United States using a fiance visa?You and your fiance must marry within 90 days.

It is very important that you marry within 90 days of your fiance’s entry into the United States using a fiance visa. If you do not, your fiance will enter into an unlawful status and there may not be any way to get your fiance back into a lawful immigration status. If this happens, you should discuss your situation with your immigration lawyer immediately so that you can find the best way to get your immigration case back on track.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have your dream wedding within 90 days of your fiance entering the United States. A basic civil wedding will work. You can then have you dream celebration later when you have the time to plan things without having to worry about immigration requirements.

After you marry, your fiance can apply for adjustment of status and become a permanent resident.

After you marry, your fiance can submit an application to become a permanent resident and get a green card. Depending on which USCIS office handles the adjustment of status application, the process can take as little as 4 months. As part of the adjustment of status application you can also request a work authorization card and permission to travel outside of the United States while you wait for your green card.

Applying for United States citizenship.

After being a permanent resident for three years, your spouse may then be eligible to submit a naturalization application to become a United States citizen. However, it is very important to review the qualifications for citizenship before submitting a naturalization application. If all of the naturalization requirements are not met, your spouse’s application will be denied and you will lose the application fee. In addition, depending on why the application is denied, your spouse could face deportation proceedings.

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