What is an immigrant visa?

What is an immigrant visa?If you are interested in helping your spouse or another family member immigrate to the United States, then you likely are interested in finding out how you can help them join you in the United States as quickly as possible. After all, who wants to be separated from their loved ones any longer than necessary?

Immigrant Visas Based on Family Relationships

Depending on your situation, an immigrant visa based on your family relationship may be the best option for reuniting your family. United States citizens can help their parents, spouse, married children, unmarried children, brothers and sisters get immigrant visas. Permanent residents can help their spouses and unmarried children get visas. The length of time it takes to get an immigrant visa will depend on the type of family relationship. You can check the Visa Bulletin for immigrant visa waiting times.

This type of visa allows a person to immigrate to the United States. This means that when they enter the United States using their  visa, they will become a permanent resident and will get a green card. The green card will allow your family member to live and work in America.

Immigrant Visas Are Not For Just Visiting The United States

However, it is important to keep in mind the restrictions of becoming a permanent resident. In particular, permanent residents are expected to reside in the United States. You should not plan on using an immigrant visa so that you can get a green card to use as a replacement for a tourist visa.

If your spouse or family member just wants to be able to freely visit the United States without needing a tourist or B2 visa, they will likely be disappointed with the immigrant visa process. Even if they successfully get a green card through the immigrant visa process, they will likely lose it once immigration officials realize that they are not living in America and are basically just using their green card as a visa. You should always make sure that your family member intends to immigrate before you spend the time and money getting them a visa.

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